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My name is Isis.
14 | Philippines

Call me Ice for short.
I am the girl who will
have the interest to listen
to your stories.
I give advices to help people.
I love to share my thoughts,
feelings, experiences,
and lessons to show
people what I am.

Does he really love me?

I am texting with a guy friend I made just this November. We are slowly getting to know each other, knowing our interests and things in common. We do sweet talks too. Yes, he is courting me. Tsk tsk. He just keep on saying, “I love you”. I don’t know if I have to believe him, even though I want to.

But I am liking him now, because he got some qualities that turn me on.

His qualities that I like:



-he can sing!

-funny omg

-knows how to dress

-knows how to Dougie :D

-a lot of experiences in having/handling girlfriends

-will help me whenever I have problems

-does not rush me

He can even relate to my text post about Phobia. And the example fits him. He has acrophobia. His toes and fingers get cold whenever he stands on a high place, imagining someone will push him. It amused me, but I’m afraid I would offend him if I send him “HAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHA”. Lol. I was like him lately, you know, fond of imagining negative thoughts while in the heights.

But, I don’t know what will happen next. I don’t know where this thing will end up. Maybe, we become couples, be happy and live happily ever after. But I’m still afraid, I would fall for him and he’ll just let me drop on the ground. Play with my heart and will leave me broken hearted. I’m afraid.

But how can I know if I will not take the risk? Hmm, I’ll just go with the flow instead and be aware at the same time. :)

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